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Help take the burden off your loved ones by making your end-of-life decisions in advance in a calm and thoughtful atmosphere. Greenlawn Gardens Cemetery offers traditional interments and cremation niches. We also offer cemetery spaces, vaults, bronze memorials, granite benches, and private mausoleums. Whether you prefer burial or cremation, we are here to support your family during your time of need.
"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"
Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro

Traditional Interments


Greenlawn Gardens Cemetery provides traditional burial and interments. Whether the final resting place of your loved is an in-ground burial or not, we will help you commemorate your loved one with the utmost dignity and respect.

Cremation Niches


Greenlawn Gardens Cemetery offers above-ground burial spaces in the form of columbarium, mausoleum and above ground vaults. Whether embalmed or cremated, we can help meet your needs.

Cemetery Spaces


In-ground single plots are the most common type of plot in a cemetery. Companion plots are two plots that are sold together for a couple. Plots may also be acquired for families. We are dedicated to helping you plan for your loved ones' needs.



Greenlawn Gardens offers sturdy vaults that serve as a protective container for the casket. The lined and sealed concrete receptacles are designed to protect the casket from outside elements as well as help preserve the grave site.
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Bronze Memorials


Our bronze memorials are available in many shapes and sizes and are a timeless and elegant memorial for your loved one. Choose from flat headstones or markers with built-in flower vases. Single or double options are available.

Granite Benches


We offer a complete selection of granite benches to mark the grave of the deceased and to serve as a resting place for visitors. Bench monuments have become quite popular with families who want a comfortable place to sit and reflect while visiting the grave of a loved one.

Private Mausoleums


A private mausoleum is a building-like structure that entombs the deceased above ground. It serves as a monument to the individual or family, and is designed in an architectural style of the family’s choice. Many families find the privacy, exclusivity, and the fact that the burial is above ground an attractive alternative to traditional burial.
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